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Steven Ray Milam, a.k.a. The Handsome Guy Bandit, started dating bar manager Allison Fritts and discussed his friends at that bar about easiness of robbing banks in Dallas, Texas in 2004. He went on to rob nearly $6000 in cash. Milam gave him her wedding ring and asked to be married. Over the next few months, he and his friends rob numerous banks. Then Milam was arrested at the bar and sentenced to 24 months in prison. After he gets out, Milam started dating another girl named Lisa and not committing crimes for a year and a half until he started robbing banks again after he finds the mask on magazine and getting it in 2011. Law Enforcement Officers analyzing photograph first thought that the man who robbed the first bank while wearing it looked like he's a cancer patient, then rethinked that he's wearing mask and dubbing him The Handsome Guy. During his sixth robbery after he gets the mask, he pulls out a gun for the first time as she was taking so long. Then he robbed a bigger bank in Richardson, TX and decides to do the take-over as there are many customers. After he walks out in mask, a police recognized him. He abandons the mask, his clothing, a gun, and money and jogged three miles back to home. Then he says good-bye to Lisa forever and went to Florida, turn around and head to Arizona. While driving through Jackson, Mississippi, he got pulled over for tailgating too close to another car and the police recognize his license plate that belong to a man who shot the police officer. Then Milam took a stash of pain killers and sped away as the officer walks up to him and the high speed chase ensues. The sheriff officer shot the back tire and slowed to a halt, arresting him and extradited back to Texas where he gets 35 years in Styles Unit Prison near Beaumont, Texas for 11 robberies plus 28 years for attempted murder of police officer.



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